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The Ultimate Resource For Job Seekers and Corporate Outplacement was created by recruiters who spent decades helping people who already had great jobs land jobs that were even better. That’s what recruiters get paid to do. But we wanted to make those skills available to everyone because we have seen how high-level job seeker coaching from a top-notch recruiter can change people’s lives. Landing the right job at the right time can determine where and how you live, where your children go to school, and have an enormous impact on your overall sense of satisfaction with life.

We know that our training and resources can be decisive for the success of job seekers, and we wanted everyone — that’s right, everyone — to have access to this tremendous information. That’s why we created this free website. Everything you need to be successful is here. This is not a stripped-down version of the best information, used to bait you into buying the really good stuff. This is the really good stuff. If you implement the training you find on this site, you will dramatically increase your marketability and the control you have over your career and your life. If you choose to take this process to a higher level, you can take advantage of our coaching services. We have created a model for coaching by email and one-on-one live video that is amazingly affordable. Click here to learn more about coaching.
We offer weekly video coaching sessions in addition to email based coaching, up to 10 emailed questions per month in additon to 10 emails per month specific to individual client needs.
We offer the ultimate collection of job seeker resources and tools on our website for free. Everything is included.
All coaching plans include our unique and exclusive resume writing service, formatted to be customizable for each different job pursued.
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